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SugarCat's Journal!=^_^=

Alana's Journal!^_^

Alana _ Kittychan
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  • sugercat@livejournal.com
  • alana.bochmann

OK here's a bit about me ^___^

Whats your FIRST name? (or Alias): Alana

Any nicknames?: Lana

Gender?: female

Where ya from?: Australia

Fav Colour: Red, Pink, Purple, Black and white.

Ok what is there to tell you guys/gals about myself? Um I love to read draw and make up storys, I'm kind of insane (mostly when I've eatten sugar :sweat: ) I love cute animals, but cat's would have to be my favs, I can be a little lazy at times ^^; and I love to nap in nice warm sunny spots sometimes out in the park or read <3 :D I'm not know for actting or looking my age..

I'm also a HUGE Anime/Manga + Cartoon/Comics Geek and Proud of it =P

I like to make creatures / mosters out of socks and use buttens for their eyes, I call em Getumes which means Good mosters ^_^

http://kittychan2005.deviantart.com/ place for those who want to see my artworks!

****list the fandoms I've gotton myself really stuck as of late! Because so many seem to ask me what I'm stuck on most at the time >>>>>>>>>

MEET my cats
Paws and Sora (Before She pasted away)
Pirate - http://kittychan2005.deviantart.com/art/Pirate-67379656 Belongs to my other sister =P
Paws- http://kittychan2005.deviantart.com/art/Paws-67379699
Princess http://kittychan2005.deviantart.com/art/Princess-67379824 Belongs To My sis :iconanime-gal: =P
Merlin http://kittychan2005.deviantart.com/art/Merlin-Mer-Bear-67379998

#######*********Fandoms ****************######

*Pet shop of Horrors Manga/anime
*Beck Anime
* Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Movie by Tim Burton
* Roald Dahl Books
* Books by Jaclyn Moriarty
* Mushi-shi Anime/Manga
* PinkPather cartoons
* Freakazoid Cartoons
*Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Cartoons
*Musicals ((hee Dracie is to blame there!))
*The Grim Adventures of Billy&Mandy Cartoons
*Cirque Du Soleil
* Cyborg 009 Anime/manga
* Marvel Comics
* Black Jack Anime/manga
* Walt Disney's Lilo & stich
*Walt Disney's Tarzan
* Disney stuff

Photobucket some of my cats as kittens