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Merry Christmas and Fairly Odd Goldfish

G'day All and Hopeful your All having a Merry Christmas and Fun this Christmas =D

My cold is FINAL going away *Yay it shall be gone by tomorrow we hopes so I can go to work and earn money for things ahem*

And I got some of my Christmas Shopping done YES!!!!

Shall be sending off Christmas mail tomorrow =D I got my little Fairly Odd Parents Goldfish models done <3 and I have to say they came out nicely (I'll have to take photos of them to show you guys latter) now all I need is the bowl for em and to get a scanner that works with the mac for arts I've done, I have a bit of a polonium through I think I may of painted Wanda and Cozmo's castle purple when maybe it's pink... Can't renumber or tell weather it's pink or Purple D= and that castle was to go to my friends model set of the goldfish TwT

Anyways I wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Years if I don't get around to updating this journal more lol

Lots of love to you all

~ Alana Bochmann

A.K.A. Sugercat

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