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Japan trip

G'day All I guss it's about time I post up some of the stuff I got up to in Japan yes?  

Ok retelling accounts of stuff done on Japan Trip <3

24- 06- 09
Now in Japan

Got into Japan yesterday Morning – Was so dead I couldn’t stay awake for half of what I was suppose to learn…

But I did learn that the Japanese like to use plastic bags for just about EVERYTHING
Although you got to admit they are really careful with their packing as well as when they handle your belongings. Plus they are really helpful (and that is an understatement!) We explored the are around (and near) Dad’s flat, just so :icondracona_fin: Dracie and I could get hower bearings (still got howerselfs lost – may still get lost again latter because we while half asleep yesterday) Then we stop for Ice chocolate being as it was summer in Japan when we came. We then went back to dads flat where watching Nicktoons in Jap or English (it would switch from on to the other depending on the show) while having dinner with dad, we then crashed.

Today it is raining (raining season in Japan) May go out and explore without dad this time being as he had to go to work.

25- 06- 09
Today got up at 4am to head off to the world’s biggest fish market.
You never relies how huge a tuna fish is till you see a real one – Dad took photos of us with the tuna
You could see biting for the best tuna there lol
We got special pasts so we got to go to parts of the market where normal tourist can’t go.
We also got to see where they keep the live fish as well.
(Dracie made a few jokes while where at the fish market like “I see Dead fish” and “Oh look a stunted mullet” )
Then we went to Dad’s work (Westin Hotel) to have Breakfast.

We then left dad while he went off to work we headed for Reropongi which at the time was fail so we then headed back to crash at dad’s flat for a bit then headed off to this 2nd hand 100 yen manga shop, it would have been awesome if I could read Jap, But I can’t so it was very upsetting to have manga I was after but can’t read
On a lighter note there seems to be a lot of small dogs around here who get carried around by their owners or their owners make then wear outfits (there are even place for them to get outfits for their dogs Oo; )

27- 06- 09 Weekend one
Went with dad to Ginza
One of Tokyo’s biggest shopping areas,
We then went to one of the temples Got some things for my sisters
And got myself a lucky 5 yen coin we then went to Kitchen Street (best place to get cooking stuffs or ceramic goods)
Got something for mum while we where there <3
We then went to Arkihabra
(One of Tokyo’s biggest tech and Anime shopping areas) That was fun –
Need to go back there!

28- 06-09
Today we go to Studio Ghibli Yays!

Studio Ghibli was Fun
Got to watch one of the latest films done by Ghibli (not sure if the one we saw will make it overseas or not )
Got to look into Ghibli work area (was cool) and see how they make their movies.
Got some Kodoma for friends and a Jiji Plushy for myself.

(So Studio Ghibli was fun – through can’t help but feel it was played up a bit)

End of weekend one

Today we went shopping –
And then some lol

Ok let me start that again!
We went back to Arkihabra today.
We found an Awesome Anime/Manga AND Anime figures and Dolls building.
It also had a Ball joined dolls shop in it! Soooo Want one (or two) sooo badly!
Got Myself a Jiji back pack and the whole 1st set of Anime figures from Hetalia Axis Powers  
We only found this bloody awesome Anime shop of King and queens because we realize that the Akihabra map we had wasn’t to scale so we ignored it and found the awesome anime shop.
After getting hower anime fix (AT LAST) we then headed back to Reropongi to check out the Mori Art Museum (that was soo cool) Glad we did  
We also went to the top of Mori tower (wow Tokyo is Huge OoO; ) so the Mori Art Museum redeem the fail of Reropongi

30- 06- 09

Today we (Dracie and I) went to Ginza where we found an awesome toy shop of doom.
Where I got a huggable sized plush of Mame Goma at last I also got this cute little white ferret plush.

After that that we then went to Arsuka (where that temple we first went to with dad) got a few things for family and friends again and cute Nekos (cats) for myself.
We then headed for Kitchen Street where I got this cute glass goldfish in its blow thing <3

03- 07- 09
Ok went back to Ginza again to check out about this play thing (was way to much to spend on and we couldn’t talk Jap so that ended up as a no go )
We then run off to Arkihabra again where we try to use a new map of it to find it was no better, It would seem Arkihabra can NOT be mapped -_-;
But that was Ok we went back to the awesome anime shops there…
Dracie and I stop by Mr. Donut
And then after looking around Anime shops some more we gabbed some chips from McDonalds (got noted for hower English) then stopped at this big shop with bathrooms on every floor, we stopped on the toy part of it (hey we’re kids at heart lol (more anime stuff was there lol)) OMG the Bathrooms of Japan can NOT be believed they are like out of this world and very weird at times us well Oo;
We then headed back to Reropongi to check out the National Art center of Tokyo then headed back to dad’s flat to check out hower goodies we got earlier in the day!

While I was going through the Hetalia Manga I got myself even through it’s in Jap and I can’t read Jap, I could at least look at the art in it anyway

Anyway while I was looking through Hetalia Manga Dracie shouted out “Oh for the love of Recycling” because the Japanese love to over pack everything and she was trying to get the new ghost in the shell art book she had got for herself out of it’s packaging so she could look at it.

Ok that’s all I’ll let you guys know about my trip to Japan I’ve still lots of other thing I should be getting around to doing like making all Getumes for people <3

~ Alana Bochmann

A.K.A. kittychan2005
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