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OMG going to JAPAN <3

Hello all soo sorry I've not updated here in awhile been busy you see

had alot of things I've been trying to get done and things to do sooo Let me start

1) I been getting my Paypal up and running <3

and 2) We got a new computer and OMG it's that really cool Mac one most talk about lol so now we have a Mac and a PC to use
for Work and art <3

3) And now for why I've been buzy and not on LJ for the past weeks besides mothers day ...

and Mum having to go to Germany to see her family for a couple of weeks leaving my sisters and I in charge of the household till she gets back....

and I've got myself hooked onto the Movie Monsters Vs Aliens (It's awsome <3)

As well as the Movie SecondHand Lions <3 and that new anime comic/manga Hetalia Axis Powers (But damit I can't find much on it through and I'd like to read it in english insted of trying to guss half of what's going on in the few scapes I can find of it on the Internet so far!)

BUT the Best news of all is Dracie and I WILL be going to :heart: JAPAN :heart: 22 June and we shall not be back till after the 15 July <3

We will be starying with my Father who has a flat there (he works for a Hotal in Tokyo so he has to live there for most of the time he works for them)

I can't wait to go to Japan with :icondracona-fin: This is soo AWSOME and then some <3

Well that's all I've time for till next time

This is Alana signing off <3
A.K.A. Sugarcat
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