Alana _ Kittychan (sugercat) wrote,
Alana _ Kittychan

Been Buzy

Hello again all sorry I've not been around as much as I should be, But some people have taken off at work so I've taken on a few more days so I can save for My trip to Japan with Dracie to vist my dad =P Ok beside my Art dumps on DA, My sister Jen being on holiday and Mum having this week and last week off and my sister :iconanime-gal: had some friends over the other day (seem pretty nice and cool ;P) what have I been up too? Um not much other than that and trying to get my life together and getting my art and craft stuff to be better or how I want it lol ^^; OH we got anther com almost forgot that, Mostly so :iconanime-gal: can do her collge stuff on it =P So now we have a Mac and a PC in the house, heh I'm on the new Mac at the moment, can't scan with the Mac because the scanner with the PC But I can tanfer some of the scaned art from the PC to the Mac so can do other art stuff with it hahah.. Still getting use to the Mac through lol ^^; well that's what happen in my life as of late =P

~ Alana
A.K.A. Sugercat /Kittychan2005

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