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My yearly stuff about me

Just a little infore on me so you all can miss this post if ya want

Ok before I start to spill I'd like to wish EVERYONE
An Happy Early Easter > [link]

Ok now a little about me >

A Female
Australia with a German Background

Has four Cats
Named ...
Pirate - [link] Belongs to my other sister =P
Paws- [link]
Princess [link] Belongs To My sis :iconanime-gal: =P
Merlin [link]

Two younger sisters One is a Fashion Beanie kid Halloween Twilight Nut and the other one Works too much but is an AWSOME anime artist!

I live with them and Hower Mother Feddy (that's what her nickname is anyway her full name too hard to say or spell)

Hower Father because of his work lives Over in Tokyo Japan for most of the year *he has a flat there, Oh and his name is Frank (Yes Haha people My Mums Feddy and my dads Frank =P)

My spelling or gammer could use a bit more work ^^;

Marzipan (Love that sweet treat like you wouldn't belive)
Cats (wild or tame)
Cute things (is a big softy at heart ^^; )

Making creatures (mostly out of socks)
Collecting Butterns, socks, Marbles, Cute things and cat things

)))))))))))Likes (((((((((
Cheese or Chocolate cake
Berry or Early Gery Tea with lots of sugar or Hot chocolate sweet
Sunkiss / Fanta or Co Cola Soft drink
Green tea with a tiwts of Mango Lipten iced tea
stawberry milk
Villa or Chocolat Ice Cream
Gummi Co Cola bottles or lollie pops
Stawberry Pocky
Custerd buns
Dim sims
Asin Beef noodles
Art & Craft stuff
colourful socks
Anime / Manga
Cartoons / Comics
Australian wildlife
Cho chip cookies or Cupcats
Egg Pizza or Meat lovers Pizza
snow peas
Mac & Cheese
Banana Cake or cup cakes
Sleeping in =3
Red white black
Kids & animals ((only the well behave kids or the sweet cute ones)) (( Mostly the cute fluffly ones Or awsome Pretty yet can kill you ones lol)

Jack Johnson
Avril Lavigne
Hearts a Mess - By Gotye
Linkin Park
Newton Faulkner
Savage Garden
Vertical Horizon
Fall Out Boy

)))))))))))Dislikes >
Chilly ((Makes me Sick no joke))
Being shouted at
having to get up really early
upsetting others
Bananas ((only like it in cakes ))
Bones in food (( this is why I don't like to eat fish too often Worry to much about bones in it, Yet love Smoked samon and Tuna ))
seeing a book being hurt ((only if it's a good book through <3))
Seeing others hurting those I care for, Or knowing others are hurting ones I care about!
Having my stuff taken without telling me and not getting it back or not find my stuff where I'd like to keep it or last put it!
having art or craft stuff I've done ((or others awsome works)) destroyed or stolen
having a weak tummy
Being made to do something right when I'm in the middle of a good Book or trying to get a drawing done.

Ok now for the FQA

1> what's FQA?
I think it's Frequently asked questions!

2> Why are you soo crazy about cats anyway?
I don't know I just am ^^;

3> Can I do fanstuff of your Creations?
Shure I'd love it if ya did that, Just please link back to me that I own em ok and note me when you posted it up =3

4> How in the heck did you get four cats anyway?
*sighs* well you see for a long time we just had one cat and that was Paws We did what all Smart cat owners do De-sex her and had one of those Chips letting others know whos cat she is and then one day one of Mum's friend found this russion blue cross but couldn't keep her becasue her husbun can't be around cats so we took her in and had her check out by the vets, turns out she had a Chip So we could get her De-sex till we found out if the owners would come back for her (They never did) and she ended up Having kittens and after that we had to De-sex her before went to have More of em, Sad thing was about a week or three after that she got hit by a Car and left for us to find her dead by the road ((Whitch is a real shame because she was a really nice cat)) and well we mange to give one of the kittens to a Good home where we get to hear how he's doing from time to time and well we keeped the other three did the smart thing chip em and De-sex em and all that stuff a Good Pet owner should do and that's how we ended up with Four cats ((Paws isn't to happy to shure but she puts up with it because she known them from their kittenhood days so yeah ;P )

5> Why are you so Random?
... Well if you've ever met my Family or Dracie then you may get why!

6> what tools you use for Art / Craft making?
Well I do most stuff by hand because I think it's more personal if you do it by hand But I sometime used the computer too (Photoshop is what I use when I do) Lets see Pens Pencils Markers (Copic or Faber-Castell) for drawing, For my Getumes Socks, Softs toy stuffing, Butterns, needle & thred as well as sewind Scissors.

7> How can you NOT like watermellon?
Easy I have a real hard time spitting out the seeds so I don't like it for that!

8> YOU Don't like Bananas! Why?
*sighs* One I just don't like the tase unless it's Banana Cake!
And two You all know my frist name is Alana right well as a Kid lots of kids used to get a kick out of ryming my name with Banana and watching me cry beacuse of it so I've a very good reson to hate em *glares at anyone who thinks they can try it now while holding a HUG Book to hit em over the head with it if they dare*

9> What you do when your feack out?
Hit what feack me out, Sceam and run off or cling or hide behind something ((Poor Dracie had to put up with my clinging when I was freack out and got scatchs from it ^^; Whitch I'm very sorry for Dracie TwT))

10> Where do you get your ideas from?
Anything and Everything >D
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