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My Fandoms

****list the fandoms I've gotton myself really stuck as of late! Because so many seem to ask me what I'm stuck on most at the time ^^; >>>>>>>>>
#######*********Fandoms ****************######


*Pet shop of Horrors - Pet Shop of Horrors
in Tokyo by Matsuri Akino
*Genjuno Seiza by Matsuri Akino
* Roald Dahl Books
* Books by Jaclyn Moriarty
* Mushi-shi by Yuki Urushibara
* Cyborg 009
* Marvel
* Black Jack By Osamu Tezuka
*XXXHolic By Clamp
* The Tweleve Kingdoms By Fuyumi Ono
* Japan Ai by Aimee Major
* Tales From Outer Suburbia ~ Shaun Tan
* Nightmare Inspecter
* Ral <^> Grand
* My Cat Loki
* InkHeart InkSpell InkDeath By Cornelia Funke


* The Tweleve Kingdoms
*Beck Anime
* Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Movie by Tim Burton
* Curious George
* Mushi-shi
* PinkPather cartoons
* Freakazoid Cartoons
*Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends ~
Cartoon Network
*The Grim Adventures of Billy&Mandy ~
Cartoon Network
* Cyborg 009
* Marvel
* Black Jack By Osamu Tezuka
* Walt Disney's Lilo & stich
*Walt Disney's Tarzan
* Disney
* Origins spirts of the past
* Care Bears Movies
* Beetlejuice By Tim Burton
*Sleepy Hollow By Tim Burton
* Corpse Bride By Tim Burton
* The Nightmare Before Christmas By Tim Burton
* Class of 3000 ~ Cartoon Network
* Studio Ghibli
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