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The BushFires we had this year Have me overworryed Because
1) I've a friend who lives down in Vic and now I worry if she and her family is ok!
2) I've other friends who have family/friends over there too
Soo Now All I can do now is wish and hope with all my heart that they is Ok and all those people who've got to deal with the Bushfire nightmare of this year will pull through this!

OH GOOD news Friend and her family is ok and my other friend says that she just herd back from her friends (and family) are ok too! *oh that's good and a load off my mind!*

Ok on to other things I'M BACK FROM PERTH and from visting my friend Dracie :icondracona-fin:

All I have to say about my trip there is this [link] 

And I was oh soooo VERY luckly to get to meet :iconowlgem: <3

That's all for now ~

Lots of Hugs and love
~ Alana
A.K.A  SugarCat
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