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Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Helloha All!

Yesterday Got stuffs for :icondracona-fin: Dracie from Kyii to take with me when I go see her on the 26th Jan! Then we hanged around the city abit! Did some book and manga shopping =3

Today Hanged around Hornsby with :iconartemisrox: Tayla
She gave me this cute little Mokona Keyring <3 Thank you very much for that <3
We also went to see the Movie Bedtime Stories =) whicth was very good =D

Tomorrow after I call work to relet them know what days I'll be off in perth....
I shall be heading off to hornsby again to hang out with :iconartemisrox: Tayla again =D
May bring Camara to take photos and may bring along one of my fav Getumes too lol =3

Well I got to go set clock to wake me up for tomorrow and to get some sleep
Lots of Hugs and love
~ Alana
A.K.A. Sugarcat
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