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Clubs I run and own

*sighs* When your the only one running a club it's hard to keep it running *sighs again*

What I need is more members for these two clubs I've been trying to keep alive and some mods to help me run them and have ideas on how to run them!

Ooops maybe frist I should post about the clubs I'm talking about eh?

OK the clubs I run are

cat_lovers_club   and  crazyainmeart 


About this Community!

Well this Community is for those of you who loves Cats!

This is so all Kitty cats can have the spot light for a change insted of the dog
(It's not like we hate dogs or anything it's just that cats keep getting forgotton or hated and we wish for that to stop!)

THIS COMMUNITY WELCOMES Artist, Writers Anime/cartoon fangals and boys around the world (or at else on Lj anyway ^^;)

This community is for Artist and Writers who are fans of Anime/Manga Cartoons/Comics,
Movies, videogames, Books E.C.

this community was made so these kind of fans could share their writings and fanworks or fanarts with other fans, that or chat about their Fandoms with each other!

well that's the clubs I run if you want to jion go ahead if you want to help please do
I'd really love it if anyone wanted to help with em!

well g2g have some mail to post and some shopping to do!
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