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SugarCat's Journal!=^_^= [entries|friends|calendar]
Alana _ Kittychan

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Merry Christmas and Fairly Odd Goldfish [21 Dec 2009|07:47pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

G'day All and Hopeful your All having a Merry Christmas and Fun this Christmas =D

My cold is FINAL going away *Yay it shall be gone by tomorrow we hopes so I can go to work and earn money for things ahem*

And I got some of my Christmas Shopping done YES!!!!

Shall be sending off Christmas mail tomorrow =D I got my little Fairly Odd Parents Goldfish models done <3 and I have to say they came out nicely (I'll have to take photos of them to show you guys latter) now all I need is the bowl for em and to get a scanner that works with the mac for arts I've done, I have a bit of a polonium through I think I may of painted Wanda and Cozmo's castle purple when maybe it's pink... Can't renumber or tell weather it's pink or Purple D= and that castle was to go to my friends model set of the goldfish TwT

Anyways I wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Years if I don't get around to updating this journal more lol

Lots of love to you all

~ Alana Bochmann

A.K.A. Sugercat

Sighing off

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Me =P [05 Dec 2009|10:45am]
[ mood | blank ]

G'day all again Sorry I've not been update this Journal much been buzy with work and other things <.<; Anyway I got this Email from dad and so I through I'd humur him (because he's all the way over in Japan) do it and then do a Copy for you guys if you wanted to get to know some other things about me meh =P

Welcome to the 2009 edition of getting to know your friends. Change all the answers so they apply to you, and then send this to your friends including the person who sent it to you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little things about your friends that you might not have known! Just press the 'forward' button then you can erase my answers and add yours.

1. What time did you get up this morning? 7:00am (I had plans today and work latter on today, I've been taking up more shifs as of late at work *yawns* soo sleepy)
2. Watches or Rings? Mostly a watch I fear to lose the rings I wear

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Astro Boy movie or that new Up movie

4. What is your favorite TV show? Oh I have soo many.. Ok I shall list a few, How I met your Mother, Good News Week, Collecters, Fairly Odd Parents, Cyborg 009, Invader Zim, Beetlejuice, The Grim Adventures of Billy&Mandy, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, PinkPather cartoons
and that Anime Hetalia Axis Powers (althrough it's not in English yet *sighs why it take so long!*)

5. What do you usually have for breakfast? Vegmite Toast, Tea and maybe an apple if I'm in the mood to cut it up or my brain is more awake frist thing in the morning!
6. What is your nick name? Lana or Lanie

7. What food do you dislike? Chilly

8. What is your favourite CD at the moment? Savage Garden Or my Wicked the Musical soundtack from the Musical <3
9. What kind of car do you drive? None I perfur to walk it's better for me in the long run
10. Favourite sandwich? Ckicken or Egg if it's done right!
11. What characteristic do you despise? (cannot make up my mind on this)
12. Favorite item of clothing? Jeans, T-shirts, and black red and white socks!

13. If you could go anywhere in the world? I'd just go around the world =P

14. Are you an organized person? I wish but sometimes I'm not!
15. Where would you retire to? somewhere nice in Australia but I'm too young to be thinking of retiring!

16. What was one of your most memorable birthdays? My 21st with friends in the city of Sydney =P

17. What are you going to do when you finish this? Go online or sleep (it's been a long day at work)

18. Furthest place you are sending this? Japan

19. Person you expect to send this back first? noone

20. When is your birthday? 06 August 1986

21. Morning person or a night person? Not a morning person but I'm not a night one ether so I'm inbetween I guss

22. What is your shoe size? somewhere around 6 to 7 it depens

24. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share? ... no

25. What did you want to be when you were little? no idea

26. How are you today? sleepy

27. What is your favourite flower? Rose or whatever smells nice

28. What are you listening to now? Hearts a Mess (I love that soung)

29. What is a date on the calendar you are looking forward to? Whenever I get to see Dracie (A.K.A. Christina) again =P

30. What was the last thing you ate? a sandwitch and a Chocolate Mouse

31. Do you wish on stars? ... maybe >.>;

32. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? Red

33. How is the weather right now? warm or cold =P

34. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Mum or Dracie =P

35. Favourite soft drink? *Normal* Coke Or blubbley apple

36. Favourite restaurant? Sushi Train Or Obporto<3
37. Hair Colour? Light Brown
38. Favourite toy as a child? Care bear teddy bear

39. Summer or winter? Summer (I don't like the cold much unless I'm indoors with a good book or doing art stuffs while one of my fav TV shows is on or Drinking Tea indoors while watching one of my fav Shows)

40. Chocolate or Vanilla? Both =P
41. Coffee or tea? Tea (I hate Coffee)
42. Do you want your friends to email you back? meh they can do what they please

43. When was the last time you cried? reading a sad part of a book or watching a sad part of a movie that I liked!

44. What is under your bed? Boxs of my fav books and DVDs oh and my shoes that and my cat likes to hide under there =P

45. What did you do last night? Work, Draw, Read watch a movie This thing!
46. What are you afraid of? Being Forgotten and dieing alone

47. Salty or sweet? Sweet

48. How many keys on your key ring? I lost count lol ^^;

49. How many years at your current job? a couple of years I guss ^^;

50.. Favourite day of the week? Fridays (beacuse that's when Mum has a day off work and I have one so we can hang out togather with My sisters on rare days we're all not to busy with work stuffs)

51. Do you make friends easily? no clue on that one

52. How many will respond? no idea

53. Do you like finding out all this stuff about your friends? My dad sent me this and I don't think my friends would want to do this so ah well ^^;

This is

~ Alana Bochmann

A.K.A. Sugercat

Sighing off ;P

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not much to [14 Oct 2009|07:26pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Say Besides that I went to see WICKED witch I have to say was awsome <3

And My Hetalia and Meet the Robinsons Fandoms are taking over as my top fandoms

other than that not much to say lol ^^;

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Australia Songs <3 [03 Sep 2009|02:48am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

*songs mosts Aussie like myself know from when they where kids <3*

Read more...Collapse )
I feel like I'd share some Aussie songs with you all <3

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G'day could a girl ask for a little help from other Hetalia fans? [03 Sep 2009|01:29am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Well Hello there I've been hanging around your club for awhile and was wondering if anyone would mind Translating some Hetalia Manga and Fanbooks I picked up on my Trip to Japan?

I've a picture of the Books and volumes 1 & 2 of the Hetalia Manga under the cut <3

If anyone wants to translate Jap to English I'll be happy to scan the pages up here off the books and manga ^_^

Read more...Collapse )

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Japan trip [03 Sep 2009|01:26am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

G'day All I guss it's about time I post up some of the stuff I got up to in Japan yes?  

Ok retelling accounts of stuff done on Japan Trip <3
JapanCollapse )

Ok that’s all I’ll let you guys know about my trip to Japan I’ve still lots of other thing I should be getting around to doing like making all Getumes for people <3

~ Alana Bochmann

A.K.A. kittychan2005

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I'M BACK From JAPAN [19 Jul 2009|05:02pm]
[ mood | busy ]

G'day all I just got back from my Trip with :icondracona-fin: form JAPAN <3

We did all sorts of fun things in Japan like go to Arkihabra (one of the besr places to go for all anime/manga fans), Studio Gibli and Fuji

I'll tell you more about Japan trip latter I've emails, art dumps and Photos to check update and do soo it's great to be back down under =P

A.K.A. Sugarcat

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Just an email I think may or may not have a point [06 Jun 2009|10:12pm]
[ mood | curious ]

the emailCollapse )

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OMG going to JAPAN <3 [21 May 2009|11:30pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hello all soo sorry I've not updated here in awhile been busy you see

had alot of things I've been trying to get done and things to do sooo Let me start

1) I been getting my Paypal up and running <3

and 2) We got a new computer and OMG it's that really cool Mac one most talk about lol so now we have a Mac and a PC to use
for Work and art <3

3) And now for why I've been buzy and not on LJ for the past weeks besides mothers day ...

and Mum having to go to Germany to see her family for a couple of weeks leaving my sisters and I in charge of the household till she gets back....

and I've got myself hooked onto the Movie Monsters Vs Aliens (It's awsome <3)

As well as the Movie SecondHand Lions <3 and that new anime comic/manga Hetalia Axis Powers (But damit I can't find much on it through and I'd like to read it in english insted of trying to guss half of what's going on in the few scapes I can find of it on the Internet so far!)

BUT the Best news of all is Dracie and I WILL be going to :heart: JAPAN :heart: 22 June and we shall not be back till after the 15 July <3

We will be starying with my Father who has a flat there (he works for a Hotal in Tokyo so he has to live there for most of the time he works for them)

I can't wait to go to Japan with :icondracona-fin: This is soo AWSOME and then some <3

Well that's all I've time for till next time

This is Alana signing off <3
A.K.A. Sugarcat

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Been Buzy [20 Apr 2009|01:52pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Hello again all sorry I've not been around as much as I should be, But some people have taken off at work so I've taken on a few more days so I can save for My trip to Japan with Dracie to vist my dad =P Ok beside my Art dumps on DA, My sister Jen being on holiday and Mum having this week and last week off and my sister :iconanime-gal: had some friends over the other day (seem pretty nice and cool ;P) what have I been up too? Um not much other than that and trying to get my life together and getting my art and craft stuff to be better or how I want it lol ^^; OH we got anther com almost forgot that, Mostly so :iconanime-gal: can do her collge stuff on it =P So now we have a Mac and a PC in the house, heh I'm on the new Mac at the moment, can't scan with the Mac because the scanner with the PC But I can tanfer some of the scaned art from the PC to the Mac so can do other art stuff with it hahah.. Still getting use to the Mac through lol ^^; well that's what happen in my life as of late =P

~ Alana
A.K.A. Sugercat /Kittychan2005

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My yearly stuff about me [02 Apr 2009|03:32pm]
Just a little infore on me so you all can miss this post if ya want

Ok before I start to spill I'd like to wish EVERYONE
An Happy Early Easter > [link]

Ok now a little about me >

infore on meCollapse )

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I'm alive [02 Apr 2009|03:19pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Ha ha ^^; sorry not updated much

Not much to write about expcet being buzy on DA and some upsetting stuff happen for a friend of mine WHICH he
may or may not want to let everyone know about I don't feel it's my place to talk about it ^^;

So yeps not much to write about... I has a pic for you all through well more like a minie comic lol

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I wish I was more useful [17 Mar 2009|08:48pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

Sometimes I wish I was a little bit smarter or useful for my friends when they need it but I'm not and all I can do is listen and cry with/for them...

seems this [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvbSiQZfACQ ] is how I feel at those times..


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When bored hits [13 Mar 2009|06:51pm]

You are an Innocent Uke!

Cute and sweet, and most gentle of all uke, whips and chains are not for you - you just want someone to love you. You are often spotted in candy shops wearing furry kitty ears, where you are sure to be noticed by the Romantic Seme, whose protective instincts will kick in and will only want to take you home and love and protect you. And you, of course, will be more than happy to spend the rest of your life baking cookies for your seme.

Most compatible with: Romantic Seme

Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Don't Fuck With Me Seme

What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at SemeUke.com, or find merchandise here.

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My Fandoms [10 Mar 2009|08:40pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

****list the fandoms I've gotton myself really stuck as of late! Because so many seem to ask me what I'm stuck on most at the time ^^; >>>>>>>>>
#######*********Fandoms ****************######


*Pet shop of Horrors - Pet Shop of Horrors
in Tokyo by Matsuri Akino
*Genjuno Seiza by Matsuri Akino
* Roald Dahl Books
* Books by Jaclyn Moriarty
* Mushi-shi by Yuki Urushibara
* Cyborg 009
* Marvel
* Black Jack By Osamu Tezuka
*XXXHolic By Clamp
* The Tweleve Kingdoms By Fuyumi Ono
* Japan Ai by Aimee Major
* Tales From Outer Suburbia ~ Shaun Tan
* Nightmare Inspecter
* Ral <^> Grand
* My Cat Loki
* InkHeart InkSpell InkDeath By Cornelia Funke


* The Tweleve Kingdoms
*Beck Anime
* Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Movie by Tim Burton
* Curious George
* Mushi-shi
* PinkPather cartoons
* Freakazoid Cartoons
*Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends ~
Cartoon Network
*The Grim Adventures of Billy&Mandy ~
Cartoon Network
* Cyborg 009
* Marvel
* Black Jack By Osamu Tezuka
* Walt Disney's Lilo & stich
*Walt Disney's Tarzan
* Disney
* Origins spirts of the past
* Care Bears Movies
* Beetlejuice By Tim Burton
*Sleepy Hollow By Tim Burton
* Corpse Bride By Tim Burton
* The Nightmare Before Christmas By Tim Burton
* Class of 3000 ~ Cartoon Network
* Studio Ghibli

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Planing Trips [07 Mar 2009|12:07pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Sorry no posts from me lattely Been Buzy had Dracie over from Perth and forgot to do com stuff ^^;

Ok I've been Buzy saving for my June-July Trip to JAPAN!!!!! with Dracie:icondracona-fin:
And May plane latter on after Japan trip to send two weeks in Melbone with friends

Can't be shure of it yet still in the planing but yeah I'll be buzy this year =D

And also made some more Getumes shall have to put Photo's up after I get my sister to Give me the ones she's hidden in her room, her being the one who use to tell me she didn't like em now does werid!

Oh well hear from you all latter lots of hugs and love

~ Alana
A.K.A. Sugarcat

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Happy Valtimes all [14 Feb 2009|11:36pm]

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I'M BACK FROM PERTH [14 Feb 2009|11:20pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

The BushFires we had this year Have me overworryed Because
1) I've a friend who lives down in Vic and now I worry if she and her family is ok!
2) I've other friends who have family/friends over there too
Soo Now All I can do now is wish and hope with all my heart that they is Ok and all those people who've got to deal with the Bushfire nightmare of this year will pull through this!

OH GOOD news Friend and her family is ok and my other friend says that she just herd back from her friends (and family) are ok too! *oh that's good and a load off my mind!*

Ok on to other things I'M BACK FROM PERTH and from visting my friend Dracie :icondracona-fin:

All I have to say about my trip there is this [link] 

And I was oh soooo VERY luckly to get to meet :iconowlgem: <3

That's all for now ~

Lots of Hugs and love
~ Alana
A.K.A  SugarCat

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Yesterday Today and Tomorrow [14 Jan 2009|09:15pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Helloha All!

Yesterday Got stuffs for :icondracona-fin: Dracie from Kyii to take with me when I go see her on the 26th Jan! Then we hanged around the city abit! Did some book and manga shopping =3

Today Hanged around Hornsby with :iconartemisrox: Tayla
She gave me this cute little Mokona Keyring <3 Thank you very much for that <3
We also went to see the Movie Bedtime Stories =) whicth was very good =D

Tomorrow after I call work to relet them know what days I'll be off in perth....
I shall be heading off to hornsby again to hang out with :iconartemisrox: Tayla again =D
May bring Camara to take photos and may bring along one of my fav Getumes too lol =3

Well I got to go set clock to wake me up for tomorrow and to get some sleep
Lots of Hugs and love
~ Alana
A.K.A. Sugarcat

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Clubs I run and own [12 Jan 2009|02:13pm]
[ mood | curious ]

*sighs* When your the only one running a club it's hard to keep it running *sighs again*

What I need is more members for these two clubs I've been trying to keep alive and some mods to help me run them and have ideas on how to run them!

Ooops maybe frist I should post about the clubs I'm talking about eh?

OK the clubs I run are

cat_lovers_club   and  crazyainmeart 


About this Community!

Well this Community is for those of you who loves Cats!

This is so all Kitty cats can have the spot light for a change insted of the dog
(It's not like we hate dogs or anything it's just that cats keep getting forgotton or hated and we wish for that to stop!)

THIS COMMUNITY WELCOMES Artist, Writers Anime/cartoon fangals and boys around the world (or at else on Lj anyway ^^;)

This community is for Artist and Writers who are fans of Anime/Manga Cartoons/Comics,
Movies, videogames, Books E.C.

this community was made so these kind of fans could share their writings and fanworks or fanarts with other fans, that or chat about their Fandoms with each other!

well that's the clubs I run if you want to jion go ahead if you want to help please do
I'd really love it if anyone wanted to help with em!

well g2g have some mail to post and some shopping to do!

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